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Hello friends, I welcome you all very much. I have been a regular reader for many years and I do not go to any such night when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you like it very much.
My name is Supriya. I am 21 years old. I look very hot and sexy to see. Whenever I walk, my big mamma shakes. My hair has started to say something like this. But I still look like 29 years old. I was interested only in Clubing from childhood. My skin still shines even today. My ass has come out quite with my obesity.

Everyone who is attracted to him by seeing him. Many boys became crazy. Whenever they see, they fall behind them. Many people of my relation have also given me a great deal of pleasure by making my ass fuck. I also enjoy a lot. Friends, I will now come to my story.

I live in a middle family. All the people in my house do not say anything. I am also a teacher. I go to study daily. I also like many teachers at the school. The son of one of them is married to my brother's daughter. His name is Anjali. His son's name is Ajay. First Samadhi Ji means that Avinash ji gave me Codas after his son Ajay, He also gave me a lot of fun. Earlier when I went to school to teach So they used to come home leaving me in the evening. My mum used to fight on my back by hitting the brakes all the way. They enjoyed it very much. But I was too busy on their tremendous body. His height was more than 5.5 feet. I was sitting holding them once.

My hand went over their chest. Papa's big cocks I had touched for the first time. They used to make their lumps as they touched me. I picked up from his cock immediately with a jerking hand. He started saying, "What happened to Sulu Jee is hanging his hand" I sat quietly. But he kept doing this to me repeatedly. I told you that you were so big standing.  So I was afraid and touched. They started asking me to take my house. I refused. But they took me forcefully. His house was 6 kilometers from my house. I will leave the size till the evening. I went too Going home, there was no one else there. I was more devastated. They closed the door inside me.

I started feeling scared. I said - "What are you going to do?" Who are still closing the door " Ashish- "There is no one at home today. I want to fuck you for a long time. You will also know this thing " I went to the square I already knew that Avinash is irresponsible to marry me.
But this way I did not know that I would bring it to the house. He filled me in my arms. I started reducing. But there is only some clash of Mardo. I also quit getting exhausted after a while. How do I start? I protested earlier. But later started to join them. My mind started changing too. I started making a mood for today.

Even though the opposition was doing it, I was already worried about being spewed by Avinash. Today was the occasion too. And they were also forcibly. By doing the juice of my delicate lips were squeezing. I missed all my lipstick. All of this was secretly watching Ajay. We did not even know that someone was watching me.
I was hot She took our fuck-up photo from somewhere. After stripping all the clothes one by one and enjoying it with a lot of banging. By the end I enjoyed doing my fucking fun. Lie down on me

From the window I saw someone go out I said someone is going out Avinash ji got up and said you did not close the window. I had closed the door. Ajay has called in from outside. When I heard the voice, I sat down wearing clothes in a hurry. Avinash also dressed in his clothes and looked out. So my son-in-law Ajay was sitting out in the veranda. I also got out of the house. He touched my legs Turing began- "When did you come? And where are all the people in the house You were alone "

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